How to improve your Arabesque

How to improve your Arabesque

Improve your arabesque by adding this exercise to your warm up!

Step 1 : From standing position with legs hip width apart and hands flat on the floor. Move your right leg into tendu derriere.

Step 2 : Move your leg from tendu to arabeque stopping at 90 degrees.

Step 3 : lift your leg as high as you can while inhaling slowly focusing on your hip flexors.

Step 4 : hold this position for a count of 4 and lower slowly with control for 8 counts.

Repeat this 4 times on each side turned out AND parallel 3 times a week or as part of your warm up routine.

Teachers- you can incoropate in this into your usual warm up to help students improve their flexibility. Let us know how you improve!

Keep dancing!

Stay Tuned for next weeks BLOG post.

Dancingly yours,



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